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    • September 2019

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Lead Your Boss

How to make an impact at the highest level and successfully align your activities with your company’s priorities.



Lead Your Colleagues

Find out how successful marketers have used stories to make change happen, and how to write your own story.



Lead Your Team

Learn why finding great people isn’t about a long competency list, but about simple distinctiveness.



Lead Yourself

Inspiring people is such an important secret weapon in marketing. Discover why the fire in your eyes has to be real, and how to light it.


course format

Course format

The MW Marketing Leadership Masterclass is a CPD accredited online course. In this 12-week course, Thomas Barta will share, for the first time, the key insights from the world’s largest ever research on marketing leadership and his experience of working with leading global CMOs. As you work through the modules you will build your personal impact and leadership plan helping you turn these insights into action.

Most of marketing success lies in the future and this is often hard to prove. Learn the key skills you need to lead marketing, shape the agenda and develop trust in the C-suite.

  •   4 on-demand modules with 27 chapters
  •   Your signed copy of The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader book
  •   Your personal leadership journal including 3 reflection papers
  •   Access to HBR and Marketing Week case studies
  •   6 interactive Q&A sessions with Thomas Barta
  •   Marketing Leadership certificate and 33 CPD credits

Who is the course for?

Doing marketing isn’t the same as leading marketing.

If you want to learn technical marketing skills, this isn’t the course for you. But if you want to know how to influence people, motivate teams and make your ideas heard, then you’ve come to the right place.

    • Learn how to bridge the gap between marketing execution and marketing leadership.
    • Build your influence, and inspire and motivate your team, colleagues and peers.
    • Use your influence to make an impact, to become a true marketing leader and shape the C-suite agenda.

Thomas Barta

who is Thomas Barta?

Thomas is one of the world’s premier marketing leadership experts.

As a former McKinsey partner, he studies how people transform organisations — including the world’s largest study, with over 68,000 executive assessments, on what makes an impactful leader.

Thomas has consulted and marketed for over 20 years, in 14 industries and 45 countries. His clients include many of the world’s most prominent organisations, including over two dozen from the Fortune 500. He’s the author of the TryThis.Blog

He serves as the leadership dean for the Marketing Academy CMO Fellowship Program. Thomas has also trained over 1,000 McKinsey leaders on having impact without authority.

Thomas has now curated this brand new masterclass exclusively for marketers.


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Everything you need to know to be a superior marketing leader!MARSHALL GOLDSMITHTHE WORLD’s THINKERS50 #1 LEADERSHIP THINKER

The essential leadership playbook for the CMO of the future

A masterful dissection of what it really takes to lead marketing

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